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Optimize in 2019

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Around 40, you realized you needed a Plan to Optimize your life. 

Shall we work on:
Prioritizing your Health, Attitude, Motivation and Inspiration.
Find the Equilibrium in each of the Four Life Energies to Equate to Total Well Being for Life

Focus 2019! 

  • Unplug from the Daily Grind
  • Tap into your Creative Flow
  • Generate Focus that last all year

Stay focused on 2019 FOCUS goals by adding coaching accountability.

Leverage What Matters to YOU MOST!

Coaching cultivated a sense of calm reflection in my career. I’m not as anxious or uptight. I can step back and look at it, and at my colleagues and my work situation, with a more objective eye. And I’m discovering a new sense of compassion and empathy and respect for my colleagues.



Before coaching, past negative business endeavors paralyzed me. When I realized I needed to face down my negative mindset, I contacted Yvonne. The coaching process shook me out of complacency and helped me see past failures were a lesson on my way to success. What I thought I wanted, I’ve had all along. 


Video Producer, SNI

Coaching conversations promote Purpose and Focus. 

Purpose and Focus lead to SUCCESS.

It was the TRANSFORMATIONS of my clients that solidified my deep belief in the coaching conversation.
Neuroscience has proven the power of conversation changes thought patterns.
Equilibrium in all areas increases Quality of Life.

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Your newsletter asked, “Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?” This hit a nerve and called me to action. Coaching revealed my true personality. I now derive great joy from interactions with people and recognize them as spiritually and emotionally renewing.


Architect, Nashville

Let’s co-create a customized plan of action to move you efficiently toward Total Well Being in 2019. 

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