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Optimize Your Potential With A Focused Purpose

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Coaching is for those who are ready to move beyond good enough by focusing on their strengths.

For leaders: “Coaching helped me find my personal method of leading my team.”  Kevin Wells, Call-Center Manager, Sport Dog Brand

Neuroscience has proven the power of conversation – how it changes your thought patterns. Coaching promotes Purpose, Focus and Emotional Intelligence by increasing:

  1. Self-awareness – the ability to read your moods and strengths as well as their affect on others
  2. Self-regulation – the ability to control or redirect impulses…act with integrity
  3. Motivation – passion goes beyond status to the pursuit of goals with energy and persistence
  4. Empathy – the ability to understand emotional makeup of others. Skill in treating people
  5. Social skill – proficiency in managing relationships and building networks an ability to find common ground and build rapport

What Really Matters to YOU?

Coaching helps create positive neural pathways which lead to lasting change.

That’s why I chose to become a Certified Coach through the Institute for Life Coaching using the tools scientifically proven to increase well being.  I have applied these principals to bringing increased quality of life not only to myself but also to my clients; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But her work is really all about you: your life, your work, you vision.

I was privileged to be among the first (2016) graduating class of Judith E. Glaser’s groundbreaking, in-depth, training about Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). She was among those across the world who aspire to help colleagues, families and friends make their worlds more connected by improving the quality of their conversations. She is now equipped with the newest information about the neuroscience of conversation and to help sharpen your focus providing foundational integrity optimizing harmony and well being.

“My delight is to help you sharpen the focus on what really matters to you.”

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Your newsletter asked, “Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?” This hit a nerve and called me to action. Coaching revealed my true personality. I now derive great joy from interactions with people and recognize them as spiritually and emotionally renewing. RT, Nashville

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Let’s co-create a customized plan of action to keep you moving efficiently toward your vision. 

My promise to you: a coach you can trust with a straightforward approach.

I guarantee you will be FOCUSED improving overall well being via coaching.

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